"God's Design Summit"  Thursday August 4th - Beginning 9am  Registration


"Marriage Matters Seminar" Saturday September 24th 9:00am  Registration

For The Youth

We praise God for the gift of children and prioritize their care and discipleship. Our goal at GCC is to join with parents to nurture the faith of the next generation in a God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated environment by offering...


Offers Bible instruction and fun activities for children up to 5th grade. We use The Gospel Projecta solidly biblical curriculum that takes the kids on a Christ-centered, chronological journey through the Scripture. 

*After the worship and announcements, children 3 and up are dismissed to their classes, which are divided by grade levels for PreK, K-2nd, and 3rd-5th grades. We ask that at least one parent accompany their child(ren) to their class(es). For our guests, there will be a Children's Ministry Representative in the lobby to sign up their children and help guide them to the right class. 

Security is also a high priority in our Children's Ministry classes and for that purpose we have a sign in and sign out procedure, a numbered system for each child, and hall monitors. 

Thrive Jr

For kids from 2nd grade up to 9 years old (10 years and up are welcome to participate in Thrive). Snacks, games, crafts, and bible devotionals make Thrive Jr. a great time of fun and learning for kids! You can find out more when Thrive Jr meets at gracecorning.org/events.


The Youth Ministry of Grace Community Church (Thrive) exists to help our youth love and live for Jesus! Thrive is open to all kids ages 10 years old and up

Thrive's goal is that of encouraging spiritual growth in the lives of our youth, and serving our parents as they seek to cultivate their tween/teen's spiritual maturity. 

The teenage years are filled with unique opportunities for parents and the church to inspire and equip the next generation for its role in God's plan. These years need not be synonymous with the rebellion or unsupervised independence that is characteristic of our culture. We are excited about what God is doing in and through our Youth Ministry.

If you're interested in Thrive you can find out when we're meeting at http://gracecorning.org/events