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That You May Know You Have Eternal Life

A study in 1 John Continues. Pastor Allen Snapp concludes the series as he shares from 1 John 5:6-10....

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Resurrection Sunday Message - There is More Beyond

Easter Sunday message from the book of Luke....

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The Study of 1 John Continues

The sermon from 3/11/18 is now available! Pastor Allen Snapp shares from 1 John 3:19-24 ...

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The Lavish Love of the Father

The sermon from 2/18/18 is now available! We are in the book of 1 John as the series "By This We Know Love - A Study in 1 John" continues....

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The Spirit of Antichrist

The Holy Spirit and the word of God combine to give children of God discernment of truth from error. John is warning these believers as a pastor, and as a father in the faith (children), abide in God's word, read it, study it, memorize it, so that it lives in your heart and the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth and away from all error. ...

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Do Not Love the World

Continuing on in the study of 1 John "Do Not Love the World"...

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The Light of Love Overcomes the Darkness of Hate

A continuation in the series of 1 John "By This We Know Love"...

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How to Know That We Know Christ

Continuing on in the study of 1 John....

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Walking in the Light

This is the second in the series "By This We Know Love - A Study in 1 John"...

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