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  • Please Pray for Pastor Allen Snap and the Perry's as they travel to Thailand.
  • Pastor Allen Snapp has begun a new series on the book of James.
  • Beginning in October Community Groups will be back on their normal schedule.
  • Mike Rawleigh took some pictures of the August Church Workday.  They are on the "Family Photo's" page.


Sunday Worship Songs (9/9/18)

1. Generous King - A

2. Resurrecting - A

3. His Mercy is More - G

4. Build My Life - G



Sunday Worship Songs (9/2/18)

  • The Father's Love
  • O Come to the Altar
  • This Is Amazing GraceCornerstone


Sundays Worship Songs (8/25/18):
  • Let Everything That Has Breath
  • Blessed Be Your Name
  • Your Great Name

 Sundays Worship Songs (8/19/18):