Life Together


Done and Don’t

Any sermon needs to answer the question, what do I do with what I’ve just heard? How do I apply this to my life? Two points: done…and don’t. Let me explain. The point of this message isn’t to go and do, it’s to rest in what God has done. He’s the One who has redeemed your life, not by anything you’ve done, but by what His Son has done by dying on the cross for your sins, to redeem you, purchase you back to God. He’s the One who is painting the masterpiece of your life, using the rich red shades of His redemptive love to paint the image of Christ in you. So just do this: if you are a believer in Christ, rest. Rest in what he’s done for you. Trust in his good work being completed in you. Meditate and marinate in what God has done for you. That will have more power to change you from within than anything you can do for God. It’s not what you do, it’s what God has done.

And don’t. Don’t hit the buzzer. Don’t judge God’s faithfulness or lose hope in His love. Trust and wait. One day, He will flip the painting and His redemptive masterpiece will be revealed. What a day that will be!