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We strive to aid you in discerning your God-given "next step" by following  Jesus, as discipleship commences with hearing His call and answering with a resounding yes, while subsequent steps are taken to grow in faith. Jesus alone offers salvation through His sacrificial death and victorious resurrection, assuring eternal life to believers; whether starting or considering your faith journey, we're here to guide you towards becoming a Christian and to listen to your prayer requests. Jesus commanded His disciples to make new disciples and baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, emphasizing the significance of baptism as a public declaration of our identification with Jesus' death and resurrection; if you believe in Jesus but haven't been baptized, contemplate taking this crucial step. Community plays a vital role in our spiritual development, as following Jesus is not intended to be a solitary journey but a collective one; to engage with others at Grace Community Church, consider joining a community group—click here for further details.
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We periodically provide Bible studies and classes, typically spanning 4-5 weeks, aimed at fostering growth and deepening our understanding; consult our calendar for upcoming offerings. Serving is vital in following Jesus, as He exemplified service and calls us to do likewise; explore Grace Community Church's service opportunities, find a match for your passion and gifts, and sign up!  Our Goal Is To Strengthen And Disciple People. Find out how you could serve.  Jesus commands us to go to those who don’t know the good news of God’s love and share Jesus with them. You have a unique circle of influence among your friends, family, and co-workers and the Lord wants to use you to be a witness for Jesus to them.