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"Discover the divine gym of joy in Philippians 2:12-18 as Paul warns against the crooked path of grumbling, urging us to work out our salvation and become blameless influencers in a twisted world."

This post highlights the rewards of seeking wisdom and understanding as outlined in Proverbs 2:1-22 while encouraging readers to embark on the ultimate treasure hunt. (060806)

We live in a thirsty world. A popular song by Bruce Springsteen said, everybody’s got a hungry heart. Everybody’s got a thirsty heart too. Spiritual thirst is a universal human condition. We are born with a thirst for something that this world just can’t ever seem to quench.

We need to recognize how dangerous false doctrine is. The Bible tells us that the only way for lost sinners to be saved is through an understanding and faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Paul opens with a charge to Timothy to confront certain people that are spreading false teaching. Paul now looks back in time twenty years to his own salvation event.

How to resolve conflict and arguments in a healthy way

What's of primary importance and what's not in terms of our faith and church life

Whatever it is, it is a good thing to want to see God's hand move in our lives. It's a good thing! We can believe great things of God, but we also have the privilege to ask great things of God.

How we welcome the “outsider” reflects the heart of Christ.

So here’s the picture: Jesus is teaching a room packed with people, and sitting in the front row is a delegation of religious stuffed shirts with their folded arms and scowling faces just waiting to catch Jesus in a theological misstep...

Any sermon needs to answer the question, what do I do with what I’ve just heard? How do I apply this to my life?

This passage speaks to Timothy as a pastor. And so this passage takes on special weight to those called to Christian leadership. But it is not exclusively for pastors. It is good, godly counsel for every Christian.