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Christian band has awesome inroads to reach young high school students...

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Launching Out On the Great Commission

We live in a world of broken and lost people....

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Launching Into the Harvest

The Lord wants us to prayerfully wrestle and seek His face about how we as a church can do our part to fulfill the Great Commission. ...

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ReConnecting to Evangelism

Pastor Snapp concludes the series "ReConnecting..."...

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The Work is (Almost) Done...Now the Work Begins!!

With the work on the building almost finished, the work of reaching out to our community with the gospel begins with fresh vigor!...

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Light, Darkness and Little Bear

There are people everywhere ruled by the kingdom of darkness that need to hear the good news of the Kingdom of Light. Yes, many will reject this message but some will receive it. But in order to receive it and beleive it they need to hear it. And we are the messengers; the small lights sent to point out the main Light. Share the good news, spread the seed of the gospel of ...

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